Welcome to my new blog. My name is Kai Rathmann, and I’m a software engineer. Today, I’m launching with the tentative tagline “a beginner’s journey in tech”.

Impostor syndrome is the feeling you have at work when you compare yourself unfavorably to your colleagues. To maintain my work-life balance, I’ve decided to leave my impostor syndrome at my desk before I go home. On this blog, written in my spare time, I’m a beginner. I will share what I learn about technical topics that I’m fairly new to. If instead you want to read how I phrase my professional accomplishments to sound impressive, visit my LinkedIn.

One of the texts that has influenced me the most in 2019 is Consume Less, Create More. The author starts out describing a realization he has during a commute that consumption is a lesser activity than creation, followed by a pressing sense that he isn’t creating. He doesn’t write much on social media either. The author proceeds to go through a month-long painful process of trying to write an essay, refusing to get discouraged by the inanity of his first day’s output, until finally he has something that passes muster. An essay, after one month.

I’m a beginner at writing, especially at writing in public. I’m also a beginner at many things I want to write about. Let’s get started!